Rooster Sauce

I know it looks like a bottle cap but actually, this is a thought exercise.


A thought exercise? you might understandably ask. But it definitely looks like a bottle cap.

Oh no. I promise. It’s a thought exercise.

How so?

Because I thought it might take my husband weeks to notice that it had just been sitting on the ground on our back patio since late March.


I’ll give you a hint: it did.

Husbands are not, as a lot, terribly observant creatures. Bless them, they try. But ladies tend to notice more subtle, small things in general – and so do writers. It’s a gift as much as it is a curse. Details, colors, things that are a little out of place – we see the little things and we remember them.

It’s these tiny details, these small noteworthy things, that populate a fictional world and really make it come alive. So notice the little things. Remember them. Use them as tools.

And, yes, that is a cap from a bomber bottle of Rogue Rooster Sauce – a stout style beer made with sriracha sauce. And yes, it was delicious.


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