The Power of the Hair

Don’t worry – it’s not contagious.


I’m lucky enough to be self-employed as a writer and entertainer, so I don’t have a dress code that I need to follow. This means I’m writing in my pajamas a lot of the time or that I can have my delightfully ridiculous hair (pictured above).

My hair and I have a weird relationship. I used to have medium-long auburn hair that was very traditionally feminine. I spent money getting it trimmed and dyed once a month and took a lot of pride in fixing it daily.


And then I got sick. A disease called endometriosis was growing silently inside of my pelvic cavity, binding my organs together and causing me terrible pain. 5 years and 5 surgeries later, I’m barely managing the chronic pain and fatigue on a daily basis.

Hence I work PT freelance for myself. I can’t hold down a 9-5 and now that I know I can write to survive, I wouldn’t go back!

Right. So. Back to my hair.

When I started to have problems with pain and low energy, the time and energy it took to stand up in the shower, wash my hair, and then dry was exhausting. Daily self-care like showering became too much to handle – I knew something had to give. I went to a cool littler alternative salon and told him to cut off all of my hair and give me something short and fun.


I’ve never gone back! This short hair is my thing! Once I realized how easy the short cut was, I wanted to start playing with color. I’ve had every color of the rainbow in my hair (I use ion Brights from Sally’s Beauty) and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

People – strangers, kids, etc – seem to overwhelmingly love it. It makes me seem approachable and fun. And it makes me memorable, which has yet to bite me in the ass.

Would you ever dye your hair a crazy color? Or cut it all off? What does your hair mean to you?


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