The Terrible Two

Everybird is grounded today!


Princess Midori (pictured above) is currently sulking in her cage after picking a fight from across the room. She’s got a little too much spirit in her today, I guess. Is it hormones? And why do we blame everything on hormones? (that’s another blog post for another day)


Midori dive bombed poor Tyson, who was just (not exactly innocently) chewing on my phone. He sure wasn’t doing anything that asked for 30 grams of pure fury to come swooping in and biting at him.

Now everyone gets to sit in birdie jail and think about what they’ve done.

These two have never gotten alone for their whole lives. I’ve had Midori for about 7 years now and, for the first four and a half years of her life, she was a spoiled only child. Then my husband and I brought Tyson home – suddenly there was an invader in her life.

Now, Pacific Parrotlets are notoriously territorial birds, so I was never surprised that she and Tyson didn’t become fast friends. We rarely take both birds out of their cages at the same time, but when we do, there isn’t generally a problem. Usually they just ignore one another, which is best for everybody.

But today, apparently, it was Fight Day. And nobody likes it when the kids fight. So what do we do with ill-behaved children? Give ’em a time out.


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