BookCon and Other Mysteries

So BookCon happened. I’ll admit – I mostly kept up with the news coming from it via the twitter hashtag #BookCon over the weekend. I like conventions as much as the next girl, don’t get me wrong, but this is one that I’m not sure is my thing. I’m not the best at keeping up with new releases and I never have been. I’m always the scraggly-haired bird lady rooting through the clearance paperback section.


I love me some writers’ conferences as well as a good gaming or sci-fi convention each year – but I guess BookCon isn’t for me. I’m not hip enough to whatever these cats are laying down (i.e. I don’t follow the publishing industry and book trends as closely as I really, really, should).

My two favorite events are turning out to be DragonCon (a sort of everything pop-culture convention over Labor Day in Atlanta, GA) and CapClave (a book and writing conference in the fall in the DC area). I got so much out of these events, not to mention The Write Stuff in PA, (where I met the incomparable Kristen Lamb), at which I spoke with plenty of industry pros who were willing to give me their time and help me out.

Are you a convention/conference-goer? What have your experiences been?


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