A Real Nightmare

Portrait of tired young business woman with laptop at the office

I had a pretty big scare the other night! Yesterday morning I attended a parrot education event with a lecture from an avian vet. The lecture itself was about an hour from my house but I’ll happily travel for bird stuff! Starving, I hit a local pub afterward for lunch. After jamming a sandwich in my face and slaving over a chapter rewrite on my manuscript, I left the pub I was at and headed to a friend’s house to help set up for a party he was throwing.

The party was a great success and I left around midnight when I had finally sobered up after 3 delicious vintage cocktails.I’d been up at seven that morning so it was a long day. About 45 minutes into the one hour drive home, I was struck with a terrible twang of fear.

Had I left my laptop at the pub earlier today???


I groped blindly around the passenger seat, trying to find the foam feel of my computer case. Driving on a dark a rainy highway, all I could do was grab around, move my purse, and try to verify the presence of my laptop.

It wasn’t there.

I said a very bad word, very loudly at that moment.

The second I reached my exit, I pulled over into a shopping center with the plan to find the pub’s phone number and call, desperately asking if they had my laptop. On the verge of tears, I turned on the overhead light in my car and saw, to my great relief, the familiar black case that held my laptop – on the floor of the passenger seat.

I said another bad word, but maybe less loudly this time.


Now, I had been scared about losing my laptop. Party because my husband would have been upset with me and partly, sure, because of the financial cost of replacing it. But mostly – mostly – I was freaked out that I had lost my chapter rewrite!

I learned two lessons from this experience: the Manhattan is a delicious cocktail and always always back up your writing. Always.


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