Best/Worst Misreading I Frequently Make

If you drive at all, you’ve seen this sign before at some point in your life. I know you have:


When I see this sign – it doesn’t matter how many times I do – I read this as “Scurvy Crew Ahead” and I inevitably think of this:


than I ever do of this:


This makes living in Northern Virginia (where everything is always under construction forever, I swear) a bit of a challenge for me. Some small part of my brain sees this signs and wants to badly to find a crew of brigands just around the corner, all busy swashbuckling or swabbing or whatever it is scurvy crews do with their time.¬†Instead, I just get men in neon vests with weird measuring devices and laser counters or, I don’t know, fancy slide rules.

It’s probably pretty obvious that I”m not too familiar with road surveying as a career.

I’m more familiar with scurvy (which is a terrible disease that long afflicted men at sea as well as the poor), which gave some pirate crews or other seamen their ghostly/ghastly appearances. I, for one, am grateful for the easy access to citrus fruits and vitamins that keep most of us with most of our teeth in our heads.


I suppose I’m grateful for the guys in the neon vests, too. They’re surely doing something helpful that I don’t understand even a little bit at all. Godspeed, you bright orange soldiers of straight lines!

Admit your guilt here, people: what hilarious or tragic misreadings have you experienced lately?


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