Roll for Initiative

If you were to make a list of nerdy things out there and rank them from least to most geektastic, I have the feeling that tabletop role-playing would rank pretty high. It’s something that I enjoy, though, so label away: I’m a giant nerd.


Perhaps one of the reasons I most enjoy RPGs is the aspect of storytelling that it creates. It is, if you ask me, one of the few remaining pure oral traditions that we still use. Not so different from when our long-gone ancestors gathered around the fire to share tales, we role-players work as a group to weave a story together. It’s an interactive tale, led by one person but contributed to by everyone involved.


I’ve played as a participant in these campaigns before but I’ve never led one. Tonight, that changes. I’ve agreed to take on the role of GM (Game Master) and to take charge of creating a world and story for my players to interact with. Luckily, there are lots of systems already in existence for GMs and players to use. This means someone has already done all of the math, tested all of the combat, drawn all of the maps, and done the hard work for me.

I chose a system created by Green Ronin Publishing, based on the video game series, Dragon Age (a personal favorite). It saved me a lot of trouble, as I already knew the world, the mythos, and many of the monsters from having played the games myself. So I chose something familiar that I knew I could immerse my players in, using my own knowledge.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some dice to roll.


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