Hello, My Name Is…

Look. Naming things is hard. That’s just the way it is. Naming characters, locations, companies, enemy factions, manuscripts – finding the right thing to call a person, place, or thing can be a trial.


I, for my part, just stole an NFL football player’s name for a character in my book series. But come on! “Dante Hightower” sounds like he should be a powerful wizard! And now he will be forever and ever (assuming I ever sell my first ms).

One of my favorite stories about naming things comes from my favorite video game series, Dragon Age. So the writers didn’t know what to name the world they were building and they temporarily dubbed it The Dragon Age Setting. They called it “Thedas” for short. And you know what they ended up calling the world in the end? Thedas.

Because names are powerful things, even “temporary” ones, and they tend to stick. So pick them carefully! They tend to hang around.


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