Acquired Tastes

I was talking with some friend earlier about weird foods from other countries and, inevitably, the Australian treat Vegemite came up. For those who don’t know, it is a thick, dark brown spread made from leftover brewer’s yeast and vegetable extracts. It tastes very salty and rich, but not necessarily in a way that the American palate will appreciate.


I was able to try it in my early teens while working at a summer camp with an international staff. I did not care for it. I’m willing to give it another try now, but I still think it’s something that you’re more likely to enjoy if you grew up with it.

Bovril is another weird savory one. It’s a beef extract paste that can be used to make broth or a warm, salty, savory drink. I was ALSO not fond.

Poutine, cheese curds, dried squid, peanut butter, Eihire Yaki (Japanese grilled fish fins), copi luwak (coffee beans eaten and defecated by small animals), and lutefisk all came up. Yes, peanut butter. It’s downright WEIRD to people who live outside of the US, I swear. I had a cousin from France stay with us one summer and she was really weirded out by it.

What weird foods have you heard of, come across, or even been brave enough to try?


One thought on “Acquired Tastes

  1. Christine B. says:

    Hi, I have had liver pudding and head cheese. Scrapple is a favorite (but hard to find in New England). I have tried poutine and was not impressed. I guess I have not been exposed to really different foods, yet…


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