Not Quite Right…

I have a weird name. I know this to be true. I’m lucky/unlucky enough to have been gifted it by my parents, who thought it was quite pretty sounding. I think it is, too. “Dee-druh.” It’s unusual. It’s not terribly popular. I was always the only Deidre in my school or that I knew.

So when someone just hears my name said aloud, it makes sense that they may not be able to spell it correctly. I’m utterly forgiving of this. I don’t expect people to be able to write my name down the way that my parents chose to spell it just from hearing it said one time. Or even two or three. I’m happy to spell it for folks.


The thing that gets me, though, is when someone has access – easy access, mind you – to my written name and then still spells it incorrectly, well that’s when we have a problem. E-mail is the most common source of this frustration lately. My name is RIGHT THERE! COME ON! Read and then just re-type it the same exact way you see it! Or copy and paste it, even!

But, no. All the time, I get missing or extra letters in my name. Even friends of mine with simpler, more common names seem to have this same problem from time to time. Is it just a question of poor typing or maybe more a matter of just not paying attention?

Who else suffers from some version or other of the Name Game?


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