Beerily, Thus

I didn’t use to drink beer.


In my experience, it generally tasted like stale rubber bands and made me belch. It wasn’t my thing – hard ciders or rum and coke were more within my comfort zone. I hadn’t yet met a bartender who could mess up a rum and coke.

Then I met Andy.

A cute, nerdy guy I found on an online dating site, he seemed like someone I’d get along with. We arranged a date at what turned out to be a pub/restaurant with a massive beer selection. I ordered a cider. He frowned but humored me. Later, we moved to his home bar: a grungy dive bar that sponsored his adult kickball league.

“Try this beer,” he said. “It tastes like a blueberry muffin.”

I was wary, but gave something almost unpronounceable a try. It was a Leinenkeugel Sunset Wheat – a blueberry wheat beer. And you know what? I kind of liked it and grudgingly admitted it.


Fast forward one year. We are engaged and both pretty big beer nerds. I had my culinary background to teach Andy about the processes and flavors that made beer beer, and he had the experience of knowing where to go to try new things. Together, we embarked on beer adventures.

Now, beer is a part of my almost-daily life, and Andy and I will go on road trips for good beer! We’ve gone well out of our way, to different states, and taken day trips just to hit interesting breweries. About half of the days of the week, I sit at a local pub and write for a few hours, enjoying a brew or two as I work. This place has craft beers, luckily, and is just around the corner from my house. How could I resist? Plus, I find that working at coffee shops means that I drink so much caffeine that I get downright shaky.

We all choose our vices, I think. And I choose beer. Happily.


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