One of my Favorite Things

Thursday Night Write-Ins.

I’m part of a writing group with a goal to complete a first manuscript draft within six months. We call ourselves Ni6 (Novel in 6) and, specifically, my group is the Google Gals because we do so much of our work and file sharing online through Google Drive. Throughout the month of December, we couldn’t find one single available evening that worked for an in-person meeting of everyone, so we used Google Hangouts video conferencing as well.

These calls are great for catching up, giving and getting feedback, and troubleshooting. But in the meantime, we also started weekly Thursday one-hour write-ins. We all sign in to Google Hangouts, check in for a few minutes, and then write write write for about 50 minutes of the hour.

It’s nice to have dedicated time for nothing but writing. I don’t get it often enough, I can tell you that. Or I say I’m going to work during a few hours but I get distracted and only end up half-focused. Or, instead of writing my manuscript, I end up writing a blog post (guilty!) during that time.


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