Split Loyalties

I’ve got a terrible confession to make: I have infidelity issues.

I know! It’s so shameful! But what can I say? I just can’t read only one book at a time. NPR would apparently call me a poly-reader.


Perhaps I like the thrill of book-juggling. It’s possible I’m constantly seeking new and exciting stimulation. Maybe I have the attention span of a goldfish. (This last hypothesis has been proven by the fact that I wandered away from this blog post for about 45 minutes before remembering that I was working on it in the first place).

I actually have the good luck to be an adept multi-tasker in life and work and I suppose that’s just rolled over into my casual and professional reading as well. Working freelance and for myself means that I have to fill a lot of roles all at once and flip flop between them throughout the day.


I, for one, like to have two to three books going at the same time, each in a different genre. One is usually a non-fiction book that is related to writing or publishing. The other two tend to be my fun books: science fiction, urban fantasy, short story collections, high fantasy, novels or books about food, or entertaining science books.

Here’s hoping that my lack of sustained attention span actually keeps my brain well exercised.


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