Flash Fiction – Prom Night

For an art show/short story anthology launch, I was asked to share a piece of writing that I would read aloud to the attendees. I decided that, instead of pulling something from my archives, that I would create something new in just two days. Prom Night was born of this last-minute pressure and I’m honestly really pleased with it. It got a lot of laughs and that makes me happy. Enjoy!

Prom Night

To be honest, the giant mantis monster was the least of my worries. I mean, I was late to prom. You only get one prom night in your whole high school life so you’d better make it count.

I pulled the twin glocks from my thigh holsters – no easy task in a ball gown and crinoline layers – and took a pot shot at the mantis’ giant, engine-block sized head. Just a graze.

“Brad!” I shouted, diving out of the way of a huge claw.

My dreamy boyfriend drew his katana and slashed at one of the beast’s spindly green legs. The leg bled freely – some dark and viscous stuff that sprayed on us both.

I drew the thing’s attention as it raged, giving Brad the chance to leap up onto its back and take off its head with one clean swipe. The head fell on the ground with a thud and a squelch.

Wringing mantis blood from the hem of my dress, I asked Brad what time it was.

“6:40,” he replied, straightening the bow tie on his monster-gunk-covered rental tux. He would not be getting that deposit back.

Covered in green-black goo, we arrived at the Wilson High prom only fifteen minutes late. I’m pleased to say that, by the end of the night, Brad and I were crowned prom king and queen. Okay, so the sophomore who put the tiara on my mantis-guts-covered updo was a little freaked out. But that’s her problem, not mine.  


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