30 Writing Blog Post Ideas

(OR a list of topics which I will probably need to refer back to as the year goes on and/or when inspiration flags)


Best Of Collections

  1. Writers, editors, publishers, bloggers, or other industry representatives who inspire you
  2. Tools or apps that you rely on or that you find interesting
  3. Who to follow on twitter, blogs, pinterest, facebook, etc.
  4. Links to articles about a topic/related topics
  5. The best blog posts, tweets, or articles that you’ve read recently

Personal Essays

  1. An influential person in your life or childhood who shaped you
  2. A difficult decision that you made
  3. A vacation, trip, or event that you will never forget
  4. A sensory tour of a place, food, or item that is important to you
  5. Give up something for a week/month and write about how it influenced you

How-To Posts

  1. How to make a drink or food item that you love to share
  2. How to create graphics using free software
  3. How to use a social media platform (wordpress, twitter, facebook, pinterest)
  4. Any step-by-step guide for something you’re familiar with
  5. How to research or fact-check a particular topic


  1. Embedded videos from YouTube that made you laugh or smile
  2. Photos that you took of some event or place you went that inspired you
  3. Links to articles or blog posts that made you think
  4. Infographics that relate to what you write or read
  5. Photos or screenshots that aid a tutorial you’re writing

General Interest

  1. Cute or funny animal posts
  2. Memes or humorous photos with fun captions
  3. Use your authorial expertise to write about non-fiction topics that come up in your fictional work (cars, guns, food, fashion, shopping, drinks, technology)
  4. True stories that are stranger than fiction
  5. Posts asking “What if” something was different – anything from politics to celebrities to history to geography


  1. A list of writing prompts (or even blog topics!)
  2. A list of things that inspire you or make you happy
  3. A list of your favorite books and how they influenced you
  4. A check-list that helps you
  5. A list of productivity tricks and tips

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