So Real You Can Taste It

I don’t talk about it much because I want to appear cultured and wise but I’ve got a little bit of an addiction to reality TV. Not a huge chunk of the stuff, luckily, but food and cooking-centric shows as well as the occasional medical procedural. Mostly food, though. You can’t really snack while watching realistic surgery documentaries.

food on tv

I have a culinary crush on Chef Ramsay. I have become hooked on Man vs Child: Chef Showdown. I fall asleep with Kitchen Nightmares on a regular basis. It’s one of my (many) guilty pleasures!

I’m a foodie (though I don’t love that word) and enjoy cooking almost every day. What’s unfortunate is that my chronic pain and fatigue can sometimes make it hard to stay on my feet for the entire time needed to make the foods I want to craft. I also used to work in restaurants before my health took a turn for the awful and I miss it a lot. So I live a little bit vicariously through these shows.

mushrooms pan

Plus, I feel like I can always be learning from these shows! It’s a little bit of a free bonus culinary education. I mean, I’ve already shelled out a pretty penny for an education in the culinary arts with a focus on baking and pastry. I’ll take whatever free knowledge I can get from here on out! There’s ideas and inspiration a-plenty on food and cooking reality shows. Plus, then you learn that there is such a thing as tiny little cast iron skillets!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.13.08 PM


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