Another week in Portland, Oregon, has come and gone. In the past, we’ve taken road trips and gone to barcades and checked out a lot of what the city of Portland has to offer. On this annual visit to our west coast friends, we really focused our time on enjoying each other’s company. We cooked in together, ate meals out, and drank a lot of great beer!

LOT of great beer.

Portland, to me, feels like a second home. It’s an easy-going small city that’s filled with genuinely nice, thoughtful people. It has a great food, coffee, beer, and liquor culture. There’s an active fine art and performing arts scene, plenty of small businesses to enjoy, and did I mention the nice people? Because they’re a lovely breath of fresh air.

My friends live together in one shared house, which makes life easy when I visit. They’re always sweet enough to let my husband and I crash with them for no cost at all. This leaves more money for having fun together! There were brunches, a fabric-shopping girls’ day out, and a night at a goth club with a few adorable cosplayers.

I also took advantage of the legalized access to marijuana that Oregon state offers. As a chronic pain sufferer, I’m always looking for ways to relieve or reduce my pain. I was willing to try weed in case it helped me out. The dispensary that I went to was clean, organized, and full of friendly and knowledgable staff. When I asked one employee what might help with generalized nerve pain, she pointed me straight to two strains with balanced CBD and THC levels – I picked the one that smelled prettier, of course.

weed in jars

And honestly? I think it helped a little. An indica-heavy hybrid, the strain called Royal Highness was mentally relaxing, mildly dulled some pain I was having, and helped me sleep heavily. It changed my mind completely on what legalization of marijuana can and should do for people. I’ve gone from ambivalent to very pro-legalization. Perhaps someday, I’ll be able to purchase weed legally to help my pain and depression naturally.

Okay, rant over! And good news: I was physically active – a LOT for me – and didn’t suffer from too much pain as a penalty for moving around so much. I’m really proud of myself! Eating well and doing my physical therapy as I’ve been instructed has clearly paid off.


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