Tiramisu Success!

I forgot that making tiramisu from scratch is pretty much like doing arm day at the gym. To make the zabaglione, you end up whisking the sugar/egg yolks continuously and aggressively for about twenty minutes straight. Woo! You’ll feel it in your shoulders!

arm day

I wasn’t able to find marsala wine at my grocer’s but I did find a good substitute: ruby port wine. It yielded a rich and delicious filling, but the dark red color of the wine made the zabaglione a reddish light brown color.


So maybe it wasn’t the prettiest tiramisu I’ve ever made, but it WAS delicious. I broke my diet to feat upon a whole slice of it. It was rich and creamy and boozy and perfect. I regret not a single calorie consumed.


The unsweetened cocoa powder that the dessert is traditionally topped with is just a touch bitter, as are the coffee-and-rum-soaked cake layers. It is sweet and slightly acrid all at once.

I don’t think I’ll be making it again anytime soon. It’s an awful lot of work. Honestly, I  may just have wanted to make this complex dish to prove to myself that I’ve still got it. “It” being my dessert-making expertise, that is. I think it was well-received. I mean, look at this face of excitement.



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