The Universe Has a Sense of Humor

It’s true. It’s true! All it took to get my writing career some momentum was me taking a “real” job. I’ve got two pieces of good news to share!

My short story, tentatively titled “The Untold Story of Pizza Rat,” will appear in the forthcoming anthology, Ghosts on Drugs. That anthology, to my knowledge is still expecting submissions, by the way! I will, of course, post more information when I know it. For now, enjoy a picture of a cute little rat dude eating some popcorn (it’s relevant, I swear).


Another short story was sold as a reprint to the exciting new project: Wizards in Space Literary Magazine. The post-apocalyptic showdown Bloom and Fade will appear in their inaugural issue which I have been told will hit digital “shelves” sometime in July 2016. Again, more details as those become available.



And the best/strangest part of all of this? These two pieces of news came in two days, one right after another. Can you see why I thought maybe the universe was pulling my leg? That’s a whole lot of good news all at once and, these days, who on earth is actually used to that much optimism? Not me. But maybe I should try.


3 thoughts on “The Universe Has a Sense of Humor

  1. Melanie Atherton Allen says:

    I found your blog while looking for more information on Ghosts on Drugs (to which I have also submitted a piece). I know this is potentially annoying, but could you tell me if you got a confirmation e-mail after submission, saying that your piece had been received? I am full of irrational terror because I haven’t gotten such an e-mail yet. You know how it is, I imagine. I’ve checked my Sent Mail folder at least 6 times, just to make sure I really did send the thing…


    • gowordbird says:

      Hey! Deidre here! I’m having issues getting my darn wordpress accounts in order. ANYWAY.

      I heard back pretty quickly but I also submitted in May, I think. Back when the end of May was the original deadline for submissions. Make sure you check spam folders and the like for Hy Bender, the editor. Other than that, I’m afraid I’m not too useful!

      How long has passed? After a few weeks, I’d send a little, “Hey, just making sure you got the submission,” e-mail, if I were you.


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