Speaking of Stuff

Remember that move I just went through? I know I do. Unfortunately, I’m about to go through ANOTHER ONE in November. I’ll be taking some of the furniture items with me (divorce is no fun and I don’t recommend it) but not all of it, blessedly. All the same, I’ll be moving from Virginia back into Maryland, where I’m happier anyway.

Can we invent the Star Trek transporter technology very, very soon? That would help immensely. It would surely save on movers and packers!


It turns out that trying to “shop” for a new rental/apartment more than three months in advance doesn’t really work. Property management just doesn’t work that far ahead. So I feel like I’m sitting on my hands, knowing that I need to find a place but not quite being able to do anything about it. It’s torture for a To Do List maker like myself; the item “find new place” is just sitting there, mocking me.

It’s also highly strange to live in a place for such a short time. There’s really no sense in me investing any time or money into this townhouse since I’ll just be moving out in a few months’ time. I’d like to hang curtains to cut some of the natural light out (thanks, chronic migraine) but it just seems like a pointless exercise. I honestly might just nail a blanket over the windows at this point!

Speaking of migraine, that thing’s been keeping me out of work for over a month now. It’s misery about one-third of my waking hours and then when it’s not world-endingly awful, I just have a terrible headache 24/7. Doctors’ suggestions and treatments aren’t working and I might go insane.

To wrap up: I do not recommend getting divorced (it is expensive) and I do not recommend getting a migraine for something like 55 days now (it is miserable). Just don’t do it. Don’t do the thing.



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