One-Bite Wonders

I’m incredibly lucky to live in an area with a huge variety of restaurants, many focusing on ethnic or regional cuisine that’s not always easy to find. DC and its suburbs are great that way. If I had my druthers (and infinite funding), I’d probably do nothing but go out to eat and try new things.

One of my favorite foods comes in dreamy little one-bite portions and is perfect for sharing with a group of friends. I’m talking, of course, about dim dum.


Not every area seems to have dim sum places, but my area sure does and for that, I am grateful. Dim sum is a sort of umbrella term for a variety of Chinese (often Cantonese) fried or steamed dumplings or one-bite morsels. They usually come in the above steamer baskets, but some show up on plates. Things like seafood dumplings, bbq pork steamed buns, spring rolls, sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves, sesame buns filled with sweet bean paste, and even sweet egg custard tarts are all par for the course.


I just spent a brunchy afternoon with friends, feasting on dim sum in a DC restaurant. There may have also been bottomless champagne involved, which certainly encouraged more dim sum orders being made than I might have usually eaten. After basically being rolled out of the restaurant (seriously, I ate a lot), we walked back to the metro and said our goodbyes. And me? I spent the ride home dreamily reflecting on the meal.

If a Chinese/Cantonese restaurant near you offers a dim sum menu (especially if it’s served on rolling carts – my fave!), I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s hard to beat these little morsels for price and deliciousness.


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