I’m Not Going to Talk Politics

I’m not! Seriously. It’s not my thing, my wheelhouse, or my area of expertise. I don’t take a huge amount of interest in the day-to-day workings of our country (despite having watched a whole lot of The West Wing) and haven’t studied civics since high school. But I can say one thing about the current election season: it is stressing me the heck out. 


I’m not a person that tends to suffer from anxiety symptoms – and I’m lucky, I know that. With very few exceptions, I have lived a life free from rapid breathing, increased heart rate, chest pain, nausea, or a feeling of things being wrong. But, alas, not so for the last few months. Some of this is tied up in my upcoming move, my pending divorce, and all of the uncertainties that go with those, sure. But what really gets to me lately? This election season. My god, it is eating away at me.


And yet, I have insisted on watching all three of the debates! Am I crazy? Maybe. But I felt like it was somehow my duty or responsibility to know what my future president has to say on issue and how they behave under even this kind of pressure. And, honestly, I’m not impressed and I’m stressed out.

Do I have a favorite candidate? Sure. Am I going tell you who? Heck no. That’s my business and I’m not here to preach to anyone about any particular issue. What I am here to do is say this: VOTE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, VOTE.


I don’t care if we disagree and are voting for different people. I want you to vote. And remember, this isn’t just a presidential election – plenty of congressional seats are being voted on this year as well. The Congressional majority may change with this election and if that’s important to you in any way – VOTE! It’s a beautiful thing, this right of ours. Take advantage of it, voice your opinions, and engage in your own country. VOTE.


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