My New Side Project

This blog is something that my friend Jenn would refer to as my “side hustle.” If I understand the slang right, we can also call my many freelance gigs, my etsy shop sales, and my other little ventures that may or may never turn a profit “side hustles.” No matter how, precisely, you parse it, I have rather a lot of side hustles. Working for yourself and being a freelancer/independent contractor generally means you wear a lot of different hats.


My newest side project is a beer blog that I’ve titled Beerily Thus (a title borrowed from a previous blog post on this site as well as from a word initially used by Diana Wynne Jones to describe the way that some drunk men were walking). Beer has become a passion of mine, all tangled up in my love of food and alcohol and ingredients and the craft of making things. It may all be a mess, but it’s a mess that’s given me another passion project to commit myself to.

A friend, with whom I’m staying out here in Portland, OR, off-handedly said that this is something that I should do. He mentioned it while we were having a round of drinks with my birthday dinner and, I will admit, I got a bit of a brain itch about it that I just had to scratch.

I know what I want Beerily Thus to be: a combination of reviews, information about the science of brewing, commentary on beer and food culture, and insights on the cross-section of drinking and art. But plans so often change, don’t they? SO I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see what this thing turns into.


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