The Pressing Question

Moving house leaves you asking a lot of questions. Do I move everything myself or hire some guys with a truck? Will something break during the move? How much is this all going to cost? And, most notably for me, How did I end up with so much stuff?


I know I’m guilty of book-buying; there’s no denying that. I seem to have more DVDs and video games than I remembered; that’s fine. I’m a crafter/seamstress, so I’ve got a backlog of just in case supplies; this is a problem. I’m a costumer and I have a ton of old costumes that don’t fit me anymore and aren’t trendy now, so I can’t sell them; those, I just have to cry a little over and throw out.

But all of this clothing and shoes and toiletries and tchotchkes! I feel like such a capitalistic chump! I don’t need all of this. I don’t even need much of this. So I’m working hard (though the pain and exhaustion because thanks a lot, broken body) for the next few weeks to really seriously just throw junk away.


I’ve said it in previous moves (and done it to a degree), but I really need to get rid of more stuff**. And this time I literally have no other choice because I’m moving into a small 1 bedroom apartment with no space to spare for junk. I kind of look forward to downsizing, honestly. I need to stop relying on things to make me happy.

**Of course, things with some degree of value will be donated, not just thrown away.



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