One Box Lighter

I sold some old books today and it was, honestly, really difficult! My instincts when it comes to books is to collect them, not pare them down. Still, I need to cut stuff out of my life (clothing, costumes, and fabric are going, too) and books are some pretty heavy stuff! I’m probably only going to have one small book shelf in my place and it’s going to have a good chunk of DVDs on it (wow, I own a lot of DVDs – way more than I’d thought).


If I had my way, I’d probably have enough books in my possession to build a fort out of them and live in it. Unfortunately, I’ve got to live light for a while so that I can plausibly make a cross-country move in a year. Less is very much more in this case.

Anyway, I gathered up a big, sturdy, office box full of books I’d already read or would probe;y never get around to reading and took them to a second-hand bookseller near me. They picked about half of what I brought and I made a whopping $6.50 off of those titles. The rest I donated to a Friends of the Library used book store.

It’s not much, but when pain knocks me on my ass for days in a row, one box can be a pretty big deal. I’m proud of myself. I have a lot more work ahead of me, but I know I can handle it. It may not be easy, but I’ll make it work.


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