Turn Resolutions Into Progress

It’s easy to lose some steam when it comes to moving a project along. I mean, there’s the internet to distract you, dishes to wash, errands to run, jobs to work. All of these are really fantastic ways to be not writing. 

You know what drives me crazy? Doctors telling you to eliminate stress from your life. Are they kidding? Eliminate stress? Sure, I’ll just quit my job, stop paying bills, and raise chickens in the country until I die.

Right. Sure. 

So I’m not going to tell you to eliminate distractions from your life in order to make writing progress. That’s not going to happen. But it’s time to turn that New Year’s resolution to write more into legitimate writing progress!


I find that the most powerful motivator to make progress on a project is, well, making progress on a project. It’s an inertia thing, you know? Seeing the goal get closer makes the climb to it seem less intimidating. So the hardest part might getting over the initial hump of getting started.

Motivation comes from celebrating the small victories. 

Set small goals at first. Make them achievable, don’t make them so high that they’re unattainable. Set yourself up for success.


Write 200 words a day. Edit 5 pages. Do those small things that will get the ball rolling, but that won’t scare you off. Then, start to ramp up your progress: make higher goals, push yourself more, set hard deadlines for achievements.

Think of every small goal reached as a drop in the bucket. Drops may seem small, but over time, enough drops will fill up a bucket.


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