Tiny, Fluffy Trust

I’m forever grateful for the birds in my life. This is Midori, my 8 year old Pacific Parrotlet. She’s been with me since she was several months old and has always been tightly bonded to me. We’v moved around to a lot of different houses and I’ve been through several relationships – she has stood by me through it all. She is one ounce of pure love.


Her trust in me is one of the most important things in my life. She is utterly reliant on my care and she is so affectionate with me that it makes my heart ache sometimes. I don’t like to overly personify animals, but myself and plenty of other parrot parents feel so sure that our birds are grateful to us and adore us pretty much no matter what.


She got injured on my watch a few years ago and I have yet to completely forgive myself for the accident. In a moment of spooked, flying birds and chaos, another parrot in my care bit her on the foot and damaged her tiny tendons pretty badly. She had to wear a slightly hilarious ball bandage on her foot for a little over a month afterward.


The trust that this tiny life has put in me is invaluable. There is nothing that compares to being the most important person in her whole life. And I, for one, plan to never let her down again.



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