Desperately Seeking Static

I don’t write well in silence. Some people need it, others prefer something more lively. I need kind of a middle ground – either music that I’m already relatively familiar with or mindless background TV. Since I pulled the plug on cable at my current apartment, that rules out watching CNN (my old go-to). I do, however, have a huge media library of streamy goodness at my fingertips, which is really the way to go nowadays, isn’t it?


I still did use to enjoy the simple pleasures of trashy background noise and have been known to watch Dance Moms, Toddlers and Tiaras, and Hoarders. Yep. Guilty as charged. It was exactly the kind of mindless drivel that I could simultaneously ignore and vaguely check in with now and again when I needed a break.

I don’t have access to TLC and other such fine quality networks any longer, but I’ve found a need to try and fill this gap in my life. I need something amusing, something that is more episodic than overarching, and something that I can 99% ignore for an hour at a time without missing anything.

The only problem is, I’ve been picking all the wrong shows to do this with.


My most recent Netflix watches have been Star Wars The Clone Wars, Gossip Girl, and West Wing – but they’re all too good to work through! The West Wing I’ve seen many times, but the writing is just too excellent to zone out to. Gossip Girl is my new guilty pleasure (it can be as shallow as you want it to be, but it also has some decent character development). And I’ve also been powering through Clone Wars before it vanishes from Netflix, but it’s also so rich with world building in a setting that I really want to learn more about.

The best match I’ve found so far is another source with a bunch of episodes of America’s Test Kitchen, which is educational and interesting to me, but can also serve as a background program that I can work through. But I’m running out of it fast!

So I ask for your help, internet! What’s good Netflixable television to leave on in the background while I work?


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