Accountability Tools For Writers

I’ve just pitched what could turn out to be a massive writing undertaking – and it’s going to take some doing to make sure I stay on track and on schedule if I get the gig. We’re talking over a year’s worth of work on this writing project! I figured it was time to do some research and find myself some accountability tools – and I’ll share some of the most intriguing ones that I found.

Write or Die

Write or Die is the kind of famous that borders on notoriety. I say this because it is very devious. The basic premise is that, when you’re using it, if you pause writing for too long, it starts to delete the words that you’ve written. This aggressive choice might be a good match for some people, but I think it scares me a little too much!


LitLift is a newer tool that claims to offer everything from organizational tools to sharing options to to even the chance to sell your book through the site. It provides character sheets to fill out and a basic name generator. It does not, however, offer timeline or plot creation tools and many writers suggest that it isn’t very user-friendly. It’s free and worth checking out, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

750 Words

750 Words is a simple word count tracking tool that encourages writers by creating and rewarding milestones every 750 words; that’s about 3 pages of writing at a time. It tracks your words, when you write, how quickly you produce, and what sort of things distract you. It looks like a great free tool for your inner statistics nerd.

Lift App

Lift (different from LitLift above) is a sort of gentle coaching app that leans on positive reinforcement to help you maintain your good habits. There’s a free habit tracker, a $15/week personalized coaching program, and then other coaching programs that increase in personalization as well as price.



One thought on “Accountability Tools For Writers

  1. Steve C says:

    Oh the irony. Litlift isn’t an accountability tool because it has no accountability- it went down weeks ago, has cut all contact with everyone and HAS MY NOVEL.


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