Beerily Thus

I have my ex husband to thank for turning me on to beer. Maybe not a lot else, but definitely the beer thing! I used to be a fan of syrupy liquors and mixed drinks like rum and coke, which were pretty hard for a bartender to mess up. Beer, I thought, either tasted like stale rubber bands (the cheap American stuff) or was very sweet and alcoholic and heavy (the Belgian Trippels that my dad loved). Neither appealed to me terribly.

Then, I tried Leinenkugel Sunseat Wheat, a blueberry beer, and realized that there was more out there. I never really turned back after that.

Years of being a sort of passive beer nerd were fine, but a conversation with a Portland friend this past fall spurred me to start Beerily Thus and really examine more of the beer that I drink and why it’s so interesting. I’m not a home brewer, not a chemist, just a fan who loves to learn and write and share more about beer.

I think it is, in part, my training in baking and food that makes beer so interesting to me. It shares a lot of traits with bread making, after all – even though bread and I have a history of me being bad at making it and it winning any fight we get into. Regardless, I’m not looking to make beer (any time soon), but I’m looking to keep digging into it as a topic and learn more about it along with my readers. Join me, won’t you?


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