Everything Must Change

Change is absolutely inevitable. It is the very definition of living, I think, to change and to be changed by both internal and external forces. Stagnation is nigh impossible. Even if you hide from the world, the world finds a way to work its magic on you and shove you down, lift you up, or push you onward.

Some changes are uplifting: marriage, birth, a new job, an exciting opportunity, a vacation.

Some are relatively neutral: moving house, a shifting friendship, a change in a relationship structure, engaging in a hobby.

Some are less than ideal: divorce, sickness, death, a natural disaster, job loss, a pay cut.

You cannot avoid or ignore change. Even if you do not work it on yourself, it will come to you in time. It may be time to turn your gaze inward. What transitions have you gone through lately? What changes still lie ahead? Change may often feel intimidating and overwhelming, but it can be transformative in a positive way. Even the negative changes can offer an opportunity for a kind of rebirth,

Change inherently feels disruptive, espesically to creatures like us, who are hard-wired to prefer the routine and predictable. Change is daunting and rarely easy, and to claim otherwise would be disingenuous. Transitions often seem like craggy mountains looming in our path. There’s no way around and so we must climb. The way is hard—harder some times that others—and it can take a long time. But we all reach the peak eventually, and are often better and stronger than we were before the climb.

Remaining calm and focused during great change can makes the process easier. Since you have no control, being upset is wasted energy (and let me tell you, I understand this well – I am a master of wallowing). A clear mind guides you through high-stress situations and enables you to get your affairs in order when it’s time to take control again. It’s helpful to focus on good things, whether a monthly dinner out with friends, regular trips to the gym, or a weekly phone call to a loved one. Do your best to keep those small lights burning in your heart and use them to help you through the challenging time.


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