Knowing When to Walk Away (Hint: Not Yet)

I’ve been trying to find representation for my urban fantasy manuscript, Dark of the Wood, for at least two years now with no success. If my tactics aren’t working, clearly, something needs to change. I’m taking a two-pronged approach: deep edits and a rewrite based on notes that are forthcoming from a writer friend as well as re-branding it as contemporary fantasy and re-writing my query letter. I may also re-work the title.

Urban fantasy is no longer at the height of its popularity and, moving away from some common expectations for the genre, my book doesn’t contain a romantic plot; my two main characters are most definitely not romantically entangled. They have an interesting relationship, but it’s utterly platonic. I had thought that urban fantasy might be a relatively easy sell for an unproven author, but that hasn’t been the case.

I’m not giving up on the project, though.

I also recently unearthed a partial manuscript and some notes and snippets from an earlier project: a fantasy erotica novel with BDSM elements. But let me tell you what, if urban fantasy has been a hard sell, I can’t imagine how hard it would be to find representation for this. It’s also nowhere near being finished, so I’m playing a long game on this one.


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