December Doodles

For over ten years now, myself and my friend Marty LeGrow have had a little tradition: we participate in a doodle-a-day challenge for the entire month of December. These usually take the form of little one-panel comics, starring cartoon versions of ourselves, our friends, and our pets, and with silly punchlines or visual gags. There are also a lot of in-jokes that have developed over a decade, which tend to carry over into each year. And, to be totally fair, we rarely manage to finish all 31 days. But it’s the thought that counts.


This sort of deadline/challenge is a great way to force creativity out of me. I really do work best under pressure. It’s even motivated me to purchase a new drawing tablet (a really basic cheap one – I don’t do enough drawing to justify anything fancy) and to start learning how to work in Adobe Illustrator (holy crap, anchor points have changed my life!). The learning curve on Illustrator is really steep and I’m slowly working through a series of video tutorials with exercises, so it’s going to be hand drawn doodles for a little while longer while I hammer that out.


Day 1: Vices


Day 2: Excuses

At the end of November, Marty and I each come up with a list of about 15 themes and then merge our lists to give ourselves a month’s worth of daily prompts. Here’s this year’s list

Working Hard
Weird Pets
A Bad Plan
Learn a New Skill
Musical Instruments
Good Hygiene
The Very Best
Winter Clothes
Your Favorite Color
Watching TV
Haters Gonna Hate
Holiday Shopping
Taking Out the Trash
Hats For Everyone
Yule Log
Pizza Time
The Elves Are Back
Social Media
Deeg and Marty’s Bodexcellent Radventure


Day 3: Snowstorm


Day 5: Weird Pets


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