New Year, New Goals

I’m not really the biggest fan of New Year’s resolutions – they tend to be based in a sort of effervescent optimism that so often dies off in a few weeks. Myself, I believe in constant self-improvement regardless of what month it happens to be. All the same, I’ll take this changing of the guard as an opportunity to lay out some of my goals for the following year:

  • Publish three pieces of fiction
  • Be accepted to Viable Paradise or another intensive writing workshop experience
  • Sell Widowmaker
  • Visit Portland, OR
  • Roll out the proposed changes to Columbia Writers
  • Continue exploring creative activities that help me manage my anxiety
  • Wrap up my tabletop campaign in the Elysium system
  • Continue running my Blades in the Dark campaign
  • Foster another parrot for Phoenix Landing
  • Find ways to enjoy a funerary trip to Europe in memory of my mother



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