Beerily To and Fro

I love beer. This is no secret. To me, it’s in the same boat as baking: an exciting combination of chemistry and food. There’s something adventurous about the sheer variety of beers out there and, with the craft beer movement being as large as it is, the quality and selection of brews has never been better than it is today. Domestic or imported, there’s so much to choose from.

My side project, Beerily Thus, updates weekly with beer reviews and the occasional tidbit about beer culture or a little glimpse of the science that makes beer… beer! It’s a fun little mission, which gets me to continually seek out beers that I’ve never tried before. It keeps me out of a rut and takes me to bars or bottle shops that I might not have checked out otherwise. Just one unique beer a week isn’t a huge ask, time-wise, and it keeps me exploring.

I actually recently worked through a massive backlog of beers that I’d tried and taken notes on, but had to write up reviews for… and now I actually need to get back to a routine of one or two beers each week. Oops? Maybe once the oppressive cold and misery of winter starts to let up a bit, I’ll even go out a little more to try new beers instead of just hiding in the house while it gets dark too early.

Wherever this path leads me, I’ll be happy to have something tasty to drink on the way there.


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