Too Many Goodbyes (and a hello)

“When someone leaves your life, those exits are not made equal. Some are beautiful and poetic and satisfying. Others are abrupt and unfair.” – Griffin McElroy

I lost a beloved pet last week. It was sudden and a terrible surprise. It hasn’t even been a year since my mother passed nor two years since a traumatic incident and a divorce. I know I’m made of tough stuff, forged from steel at this point, but I sure could use a brief respite from tragedy.

Still, the universe is a funny place. I’m not a believer in design or fate and I don’t think that things happen for a reason (apart from basic cause-and-effect-based consequences). And yet, I also believe that sometimes animals come into our lives when we most need them and when they most need us. This is especially true of rescue animals; ask anyone who works with or fosters pets. Sometimes you end up saving one another.

Meet Mai Tai

This is Mai Tai, the newest resident of Deidre’s House for Wayward birds. She’s a cinnamon green cheek conure, about two years old. And I say “she” with no certainty of her sex; everyone else at the rescue called her “she” and I don’t see any need to change that; it’s no matter to me and I’ll know for sure only if she ever lays an egg. She’s had a hard life for someone so young. She was seized from some people squatting in Maryland with nine birds, ended up in shelter, was adopted out, then returned to the shelter. From there, I think she was picked up with the other conures by Phoenix Landing, vetted (she’s healthy, though her blood work suggested she was stressed – and no wonder), and has been through two more families before coming to me this past Sunday.

She deserves love and stability, as do all creatures, and I hope that I can give it to her. For now, I’m fostering her, which could be temporary – but if she’s a good match for me and my life, I’ll consider adopting her and being her forever home. I don’t want to make any rash decisions based solely on heartbreak, but I do also want to save every bird that I can.


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