Press Kit


Deidre Delpino Dykes is a birdmom, writer, and coffee-fueled ne’er-do-well. She wrote her first book in second grade and hasn’t stopped telling stories since. She is currently seeking an agent for her manuscript, Dark of the Wood, an urban fantasy retelling of Little Red Riding Hood only with more demons and Hellhounds and motorcycles than the original. Deidre presently works as a freelance web copy writer. She has a B.A. In English Literature as well as a Diploma in Baking and Pastry and she lives outside of Washington, DC with several parrots.

She has sold the flash fiction pieces Red Walk to Alban Lake Publishing’s Drabble Harvest Collection #3, Wedding to 101 Fiction, the short story Bloom and Fade to Wizards in Space Literary Magazine, the flash fiction piece Nine on eSpec Books’ Blog, the flash fiction piece Hellsgate, NM to, and the flash fiction piece Womb to Theories of Her. Her short story, Widowmaker, won an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest 2016. Though she focuses on fiction and short stories, Deidre has also sold several non-fiction articles. She maintains a weekly writing blog at, a professional Twitter account @gowordbird, and the Facebook page Deidre Dykes, Writer. She can be reached at

Book Info

Dark of the Wood is an urban fantasy novel set in Washington, DC. It is a fast-paced and gritty action story about an odd pair of demon hunters. Red is a rough and tumble young woman with a troubled past and Caleb is a demon hellhound bound to human form. The two must solve a series of disappearances across the nightclub scene while protecting an innocent waitress who’s gotten herself tangled up in demon activity.

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