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I offer carefully crafted original content, designed with each client’s specific needs in mind. My background includes SEO content creation, About Us/Bio pages for small businesses, original web content, blogging, content rewriting, business and product reviews, and a wide range of experience-based knowledge from automotive repair to cooking and even international travel.


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Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair loss is embarrassing. It’s frustrating. It takes your confidence away and it feels like a dead end that you can’t fix. But there is still hope, even if you feel like you’ve tried every treatment and are wondering if hair replacement surgery is right for you. There’s no need to go that far! It’s time to try [product] hair loss shampoo for men. Made from all natural ingredients, [product] has plenty of effectiveness but without any of the menacing side effects that harsh chemicals can create.

The best hair loss treatment is one that works but doesn’t cause any strange or unpleasant side effects. Well, that’s [product] in a nutshell! Made from natural ingredients like hops, soy, wheat, and saw palmetto, there’s nothing scary or dangerous to be found in this formula that’s all about natural, healthy, and safe alternatives to harsh chemical treatments.

A series of independently run clinical trials have shown that hair regrowth had improved to some degree for 96% of the participants with an average reported hair regeneration of 34% over the course of 6 months. Now those are results that work! Combined with the fact that it is all natural, that makes it the nest hair loss shampoo that money can buy! With nothing harsh or dangerous in the formula, this is a safe, effective, natural way to regrow lost or thinning hair that you can’t stand.

It’s not always easy to choose a treatment for hair loss that is effective and safe at the same time but [product] puts simplicity and your own health before profits or shortcuts. When it comes to treatments for hair loss, why would you risk your own health or well being? [product] means you don’t have to choose between being well overall and being able to regrow healthy, strong hair. Other hair loss treatment for men is sometimes aggressive and means that men often suffer from side effects that harsh chemicals can leave behind. Don’t let nasty chemicals leave their residue all over your hair and scalp.

If you’re looking for the very best shampoo for hair loss, then [product] is the best that the earth has to offer. Based in natural ingredients like soy and wheat, it encourages healthy hair regrowth. Try it today. There’s nothing to lose except more of your time spent with the thinning hair that you hate.

Sex in Video Games

There are female playable characters – more and more every year (except for the times when they are simply too hard to animate) – but many of them still suffer under the same sexualization that other female characters do. Cheerleader Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Bayonetta, and many female playable characters in fighting games are suggestively dressed and provocatively designed – even though they are the main characters of these games – to arouse a sexual interest in their bodies. They are sexualized rather than empowered.

That isn’t to say that all female characters lack agency or a sexual identity outside of objectification. More and more game developers are becoming aware of the changing landscape of gamers (ie customers) and have begun adapting the way that women are represented in their titles.

Lara Croft, for instance, has undergone an impressive transformation over the years. Her image and character have gotten a massive makeover of sorts. From a highly unrealistic and overtly sexualized female figure, to a rougher, tougher, more relatable character, Croft has grown with the complexity of game writing and development. She is becoming a new protagonist for a new generation of video game player. There are no easy comparisons to make to Lara Croft as she is likely the most iconic lead female character in a game series.

EA/Bioware have upped the game on inclusivity probably more than any other studio today. That isn’t to say there haven’t been problems in some of their games, using the damsel in distress trope almost as often as allowing players to create tough and interesting female player characters. Still, their release of Mass Effect 3 finally used both the male and female Commander Shepard character in trailers and promotional materials (though their Dragon Age 2 promotional materials always used the male player character). Their Dragon Age 2 property featured a notoriously sexy-looking character, the pirate Isabela, who actually turns out to be a woman who took control of her own sexuality and did not at any point become a victim of it.

And then there are the female characters in games whose sexuality is rarely an issue at all. Jade from Beyond Good & Evil escapes with very little reference to her gender at all and at no point is victimized because of it. Faith from Mirror’s Edge is often presented in an alluring way but is not a sexual character and does not fall victim to the damsel in distress problem. And finally, perhaps the strangest example of all is Chell from the Portal series of games. She is never put in any sexual situations and is, in fact, rarely even seen by the player (if at all). Still, her body is frequently commented upon by the sarcastic villain AI, GLaDOS.

Family-Owned Local Pharmacy

Company’s Vision Statement

It is our goal to become a household name in the lower mainland by meeting and then exceeding all of our customers’ expectations. We want to be more than just your neighborhood pharmacy – we want to be a friend who cares about you.

Vision Statement

Our goal is provide the very best customer service for you. We want you to feel cared for and comfortable while we help you to get better. To us, you are more than a number, more than just a patient – you are a neighbor and a friend. We hope you will tell your family and friends about the excellent service you receive here once you experience our superior products and customer service.

Company’s Core Value

Compassion – To care for and bring comfort to those in our community. When you are injured or ill, it is our goal to make you feel cared about as well as cared for. More than just quality customer service, it is our goal to make sure you are taken care of both physically and emotionally.


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